Who We Are Enterprise Solutions Providers in Bangalore

Inovatrik Technologies solves complex enterprise IT problems to make our customer operations and development seamless.We are, organized with an ideology to deliver truly incremental solutions for businesses, start-ups, and technology enthusiasts worldwide. Our successful solutions have a strong footprint in the industry, thus enabling every customer greatly depending on us. Our big league of technical experts has a detailed understanding and accurate delivery skills ranging from development, architecture, and review of complex IT solutions. To add further to our accolade, we are groomed with tons of experience in multiple MNOs with a proven skillset in developing enterprise solutions in collaboration with industry leaders, and has been successful in application development earlier in his career.

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Seasoned Professionals

We only recruit the best talent! We have the ideal blend of experience and fresh thinking providing advice and services that you can count on knowing that you are working the best in business.

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Domain Expertise

Having worked across multiple industries and markets we understand the business domain very well which helps us deliver technology that resonated with business dynamics. Result driven innovation!

IoT Solution Provider in Bangalore

Agile Driven

We follow agile processes and methodology across our value chain to ensure top class service delivery. We have a mindset allowing us to scale fast at ease depending on the challenges you face.

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Enterprise Applications

Businesses collecting and storing vast volumes of data have opened the possibilities of building robust analytics solutions. Using ML & AI, we can build smart analytics solutions that help predict the future so you can make better decisions.

Cloud Services

Combining IoT and ML, we can build smart maintenance and fault detection solutions for you to preempt when some machine needs attention. This could save costs of unnecessary health checks and also avoid downtime due to unnoticed faults.

AR/VR & Metaverse

We have diverse skills and expertise, including proficiency in virtual and augmented reality technologies and user experience design.

Web & Mobile Apps

Custom web and mobile app solutions that deliver stunning digital experiences helping solve user problems and delivering value to businesses and users.

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