• Aug 30, 2020

Cheers! Its Anniversary Time at Inovatrik Technologies

Innovation - a single word has poured essence to our existence since when we started our journey last year. Many circumstances have perpetually made our presence felt by our meaningful results and the real combo of our technology and innovation team. 

While we celebrate our first Anniversary this year, Inovatrik Technologies has loaded with lots of techno-innovative team members, our major projects accomplishments and has become an innovative exchange for those who share knowledge, fun and innovation at work. Filled with an essence of success, we pass along from one successful year to another with loads of experience, process excellence and customer success stories.

Since we have been perceived as successful software developers and entrusted with our technology, it is with so much responsibility and dedication we step up with our improved strategies and focus amidst a global pandemic COVID-19. Nevertheless, Inovatrik has surpassed the most complex riddles of business and technology in the past. We fine-tune our appropriate strategies to meet such unprecedented business hurdles.

As expectations and responsibilities have risen to the next level from this year, we at Inovatrik whilst commemorate our existence and futuristic goals to embark our presence in the industry in the coming years with great excellence.

Many Thanks to our supporting customers and business alliance partners for their continued support in our success journey. And a paramount of thanks to our team members to make Inovatrik a successful technology innovation company.